Join the Steinmetz Lab

The Steinmetz Lab is hiring!

We are looking for curious, motivated, and talented individuals who are interested in joining a new lab focused on employing cutting-edge electrophysiological, imaging, and behavioral techniques to answer questions about the neural basis of cognition and behavior.

We are committed to making neuroscience a more open and inclusive field, so we encourage applications from individuals with unconventional backgrounds or from underrepresented groups.

Post-doctoral scientists

If you like asking hard questions, making things work, and pursuing creative ideas with state-of-the-art tools then this lab may be for you. Prior experience with neurophysiology and advanced data analysis are desirable. Please apply here. Informal inquiries welcome to

Research technician

We are looking for a technician at the undergraduate or post-baccalaureate level. Responsibilities will include mouse handling and training, histological preparations, viral injections, and other laboratory tasks. There will be opportunities to use or develop skills in advanced experimental procedures such as brain clearing, electrophysiology, and/or imaging as well as in data science and analysis, according to ability and interest. Please send a CV and a short statement of your interests and goals to We would ideally like someone able to commit at least 8 hours per week.

Graduate students

Students interested in joining the lab for a Ph.D. should apply to a UW graduate program such as the Program in Neurosciences. Students from many programs are eligible to join the lab; please inquire for more details.